Eeek! So my Hebrew friend has started reading my blog and has noticed that he’s been mentioned though I’m not sure if he realizes that he has been featured more than once and sometimes not very subtle. Ahhhhahahaha I love it. He’s even half-assed pledged to read everything I’ve posted so far, but it was in a text so I don’t know how reliable that is or if he’ll even remember. He also wants to start a blog of his own, which is good since he wants to write a book about zombies and usually blogs allow you to write down all the ridiculous things you want to write down before you get to something substantial and worth publishing, at least that’s what I have found to be true. And I would definitely read a book about zombies since I have already read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the prequel and they were both awesome!!!! Gahhh! I love books!

Anyways….I’m supposed to be studying for a test that I have tomorrow and hockey practice down at Penn before that! Ugh I don’t want to do either, but I really do. If it were this time tomorrow I could be asleep and the get up and go to classical and then go to work. Way to be an awesome sport about switching shifts Margaret, you’re the best! HOLY WAR FRIDAY BITCHES!!!

THWND or at least eat the squirrels under the scoreboard. 

We are (not) scientists.

Today I changed my major (actually I did it Thursday morning), but today is really the first time I’ve been able to put it into actual words. I figured it would be better to post about this instead of getting a one way Amtrak ticket as far away from Philadelphia as possible. My therapist used to tell me that it’s better to acknowledge things instead of bottling them up or running away from them. While that would be the healthy thing to do, I’ve always thought that changing your plans last minute and hopping a train to somewhere else is much more romantic; kind of like the AT&T commercials where the guy hops the train for the girl or the cell phone commercial with the Landon Pigg song. Marg used to love that until we saw it too many times and then she made me watch Animal Planet shows in the middle of the day while the Mexican landscapers chased the obese squirrels away. 

Now that I have a new major, I feel a little lost. My Jew buddy tells me that I get to look forward to a future of unemployment and since we work at a Borders cafe selling coffee for less than half a living while people in similar situations as mine do the same, I can definitely say that the odds are against me. I don’t even like coffee. Crying over the situation has not really helped though it did get me several hugs and some skittles. I also got pseudo dumped??? What???!!! I don’t even think that it could qualify as that. On the sunny side of things I am left with time to finish the life works of Isabelle Allende, my new favorite South American writer. 

Don’t be a loser, read more. 

The afore mentioned squirrels.

"reading takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere."

I know I preach this a lot, but READ MORE! People don’t read is much as they should, and they are beginning to pay for it. No one speaks or writes with proper grammar. Most people can’t even begin to hold intelligible conversations. If people read more they would understand more of the jokes that I make on this blog.

I recently just finished a book by my favorite author Kurt Vonnegut. It was called Cat’s Cradle, interestingly enough after the child’s string game that I still like to play with old shoelaces. 

reading rainbow.

Everyone loves Kurt. No matter who you are, you’ve read some sort of piece by Kurt Vonnegut, whether it was one of his short stories or a novel. My favorite is Welcome to the Monkey House, a collection of short stories that Vonnegut wrote about the goings on in the world and in his life at the time that they were written. While most of the stories take place in a futuristic time period and deal with important issues such as over population of the world, totalitarianism, or the eventual take over of humans by technology that we developed, there are some that are about everyday issues such as love and loss. Check out Welcome to the Monkey House.

Get out and read.

reading rainbow.

One day while shopping around online I came across Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Some time later I saw it in a friend’s room and then when I was back in Vermont I came across it in our tiny local bookstore. This book was screaming BUY ME! and I did. Almost complete intact as Jane Austen first wrote it, zombie plot lines are slipped in almost unnoticeably to make a fantastic story about Regency era zombies and love. There’s nothing quite like brain eating zombies and ninja fighting in the English countryside.

Get out and read.

reading rainbow.

As a college student I find it hard to find time to read the books that I am already not required to spend hours pouring over. When I do have the time, I look for classics or books that are under the radar. My favorite and it has been for a while now, is The Virgin Suicides. It is a quirky tale that involves themes that any teenager can relate to, but ultimately is a lesson on parenting.

Sofia Coppola even transferred the story onto the silver screen. Probably her best work after the highly debatable and factually incorrect Marie Antoinette.

Get out and read.